The fourteenth meeting of the Khavaran Development Headquarters with the title of positive synergy between the committees

The fourteenth meeting of the Khavaran Development Headquarters with the title of positive synergy between the committees

In the fourteenth meeting of the Khavaran Development Headquarters, the governor stated:

Hope for the development of the province with a positive synergy between the headquarters committees and the executive apparatus

The governor of South Khorasan said: “With the positive synergy of these committees and agencies related to economic and development discussions in the Khavaran Development Headquarters, we can be optimistic about the comprehensive, sustainable, and balanced development of the province.” ; Hamid Melanouri, stating this in the Khavaran Development Headquarters, described the presence of the private sector as a light for the meetings of the Khavaran Development Headquarters and noted: “Our effort is to spread the real red carpet for private sector investors in the form of these meetings.” So that they can work better.

He said: “As stated in the goals and instructions of the Khavaran Development Headquarters, the basis of work in this headquarters is based on scientific products so that we can achieve positive results with more speed and less cost.” The head of the Khavaran Development Headquarters noted: “In order to address student ideas and to be able to turn today’s young generation into creative, confident and self-confident managers and people so that they can use the province’s resources and their knowledge and information.” Today, part of the students’ ideas was set up in the form of an exhibition of student actions and inventions on the sidelines of the Khavaran Development Headquarters.

Melanouri continued: “According to the resolution of this meeting, it was decided that among the ideas presented, two ideas of painless ampoules and water pumps of water coolers that reduce costs and electricity consumption, to support and operate on the agenda of the Industry Organization.” , Mining and trade of the province. Regarding the issues raised by the province’s university jihad, he said: “Products whose knowledge is prepared to create a production unit should be presented to the secretariat of the headquarters to be discussed and exchanged in the committees.”

He added; By informing about these products, we can attract investors to take advantage of them. The governor stated: in order to create home business production units based on the strategic products of the province, it is necessary to finalize study information in this regard in the first stage with the help of governors, districts, villages, municipalities and responsible agencies such as Jihad Keshavarzi. Melanouri called the start of the hydroponic forage cultivation project a great revolution in the province and said: “Considering that South Khorasan is one of the least rainy provinces in the country, the private sector should be able to support the issue with the support of Jihad Keshavarzi and other agencies.” Hydroponic forage crops have a more serious entry.

He continued: “We must be able in the near future to provide fodder, with a special enrichment formula with low water consumption, in accordance with the provisions of the document of compliance with the water shortage document, reduce input production costs by 50% and by providing inputs Livestock to help the province’s livestock industry.

The governor continued: “One of the main economic axes of the province is agriculture and animal husbandry, which are also water-intensive. On the other hand, the main need of the province’s livestock industry is to provide livestock inputs, so hydroponic forage cultivation can help produce less water.” Eliminate livestock farmers and help one of the most important economic and employment-generating sectors of the province. In the end, Melanouri said: “In Khavaran Development Headquarters, it is emphasized that based on the memorandums made in the field of exploitation of the province’s mineral capacities, we can create more jobs and added value by processing mineral products.”

“At the end of the meeting, a memorandum of understanding related to the investment of setting up a 100-ton unit of iron ore concentrate in Zirkuh city and creating a hydroponic greenhouse and barley enrichment processing in Khosf city was concluded and exchanged between the esteemed governor and private sector investors.”

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