About the headquarters

Khavaran Development Headquarters

Khavaran Development Headquarters was formed and set up with the aim of eliminating deprivation, economic development and creating employment with the help of Mr. Melanouri, the esteemed governor of South Khorasan. After holding several expert meetings with the presence of managers of executive bodies and activists of the economic sector of the province; The executive procedure of the plan was prepared and considering that the plan of Khavaran Development Headquarters was a new plan in order to agree, remove obstacles and possible problems and comment on economic sector activists, the initial method was communicated to all executive bodies and economic sector activists. . Finally, the final method of the project with 5 committees (Committee for Identifying Elites and New Ideas – Committee for Identifying Investment Opportunities and Benefits – Committee for Attracting Private Sector Investors – Committee for Information and Culture and Committee for Monitoring and Performance Evaluation) and The formation of city headquarters and development deputies were prepared, compiled and announced.

the structure of members

1. Governor (Head of staff)
2. Head of the univercity of Birjand peputy of the economic afford
3. Other deputy of governer
4. Head of provincial representatives in the islamic consultative assmembly
5. Head of management and planning organization.
6. Government of city.
7. Head of the univercity of Birjand.
8. Commonder of corps of ansaral Reza of provience.
9. General manager of industry, mine and Trade.
10. General manager of jehad of Agriculture.
11. General manager cultural Heritage, Tourism and crafts.
12. General manager cooperative, work & social welfane.
13. General manager voice and sima genter.
14. General manager of the office of ladies affxive & familly of Gov.
15. Head of the chamber of commerces industries, mined & griculture.
16. Head of Islamic cowncil of pro.
17. Head of five committes of staff.
18. Three private sector economic activites to choose of Gov

The Structure of the ofganization

execution process

The steps and procedures of the headquarters to achieve the result are as follows:

1. Proposals will be sent to the Secretariat after discussion and exchange of views in specialized committees with the approval of the Chairman of the Committee.

2. The Secretariat shall present the proposed plans in the form of an agenda in the meetings of the Headquarters.

3. The proposals of the specialized committees, after being approved and approved by the headquarters, will be communicated to the executive bodies and economic drivers as a program.

4. After carrying out the actions related to the programs by the relevant departments, finally the joint memorandums (attached document) are concluded between the standard of South Khorasan, the department in charge and the investor.

5. If the plan is not approved by the headquarters, it will be referred to the relevant committee again through the secretariat for amendments.

method of letter Executive

Goals and missions

The goals of group of the development of khavamah are for the purpose of consensus, planning and cooperation infuential organizations & institutions in the development of proviences, both public and private and using from the national laws and capacities, regional and capabilites, potantials and capacities of province the formate of the development-oriented altitude is as follows.

– Identify opper tunites, advantages, & capabilites of province

Identify private sector activities with scientific, economic and technical capital and attract they innest in vaious fields – Identify and obstacles and providing operational solutions on the development of provience compilation of in formative and cultural practieces forinvestment – creating a suitable field for scientific, research and research capacities academic and elite centers. – provide & implementation of exellence & incentive measures to attract private sector investors. – Developing the methods of targeting investment in provience based on opportunity and available Treats. – community-based development based on streng thening social capital and improvement of local cemmunitiesm the preovience

– intera and development of resistance economy through sustainable and potential of a griculture, development of (industries handicraft). Tourism development, development of provience in the development of commercial and service. – Making solutions for province in order to become the center of international based on capacities of provience. – identifying the ways empowering youth, women, urbon societies, rurall, nomadic and relatives, based on the capacity and requirments. – Identify and implement new methods for managing ultization and resource reconstruction natural and water resources of provience. – Establishing and entreprendurship canvas and supporting the innovative infromative information technology businesses and communication to develop and streng then, Torism, crafts, exports of provinces. – Promote upgrade culture, and work spirit, effort, production entrprenurship as value islamic and national enjoy the educational system of provience. – Identification and activation of all facilities & founds, human and scientafic capital provience in order to develop of the communit in the development of provience. – Determine the prionity of implementing investment plans cast of credits and facilities based on the potential pelative advantage of the provience.